ACHIEF mid-term workshop: Boosting high-performance materials for energy intensive industries – Proceedings available!

On 1st December the ACHIEF consortium gathered for an online workshop to discuss the 2-years progress of the project. The partners presented the achievements and shared insights on the progress made in the different tasks from the beginning of the project with the aim of boosting high-performance materials for energy intensive industries.

The ACHIEF project is developing a novel Integrated Artificial Intelligence aided Materials Toolbox with the aim to propose innovative and adapted high performance materials and protective coatings. The main ambition of ACHIEF is to produce four types of new materials:

  • PDC coatings with improved high-temperature corrosion and erosion resistance;
  • Advanced Cr-steels grade with 15% improved creep resistance and higher temperature corrosion resistance;
  • Innovative high-temperature and creep resistance materials based on HESAs models; and
  • High-performance coatings based on HEA-nanocomposites.

In a more advanced framework, the developed materials will be implemented in industrial environments to demonstrate their performance. The uses cases will be in CONSTELLIUM (France), ArcelorMittal (Spain), and Tüpraş (Turkey).

The impact of the project is to improve energy efficiency by 20%, reduce the CO2 emissions by 20%, and increase the lifetime of the equipment of more than 20%.

During the workshop, the speakers focused on the latest results and most innovative process carried out in each task.


  • ACHIEF Mid-term workshop report, here.